We are proud to serve the Rail, Telecom,
Oil & Gas and Solar Industries.

Our product line is not tailored specifically to just one industry. Over the years we have developed products that service Telecommunications, Rail Road, Oil & Gas, Public Utilities, Aerospace, and more.


With the growing market of internet connected devices, modern wireless networks require innovative and scalable solutions to meet ever-growing bandwidth needs.

Rail Industry

The North American rail industry is the lifeblood of American commerce. Its massive network of over 160,000 miles of track promotes commerce and provides thousands of jobs.

Oil & Gas

The Gulf of Mexico is home to the second-largest concentration of offshore rigs in the world. With an estimated 29.59 billion barrels of oil and 54.84 trillion cubic feet of gas remain untapped.

Other Projects

EMI has produced projects for all manner of clients, including Aerospace, Department of Defense, Public Utilities and more.

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